If you’re like most people, you will probably hire an attorney in Lebanon, MO for any of three predominant reasons:

  1. To get financial compensation for an injury, accident, or some other form of wrong-doing.
  2. To get help navigating a tricky legal situation.
  3. To lessen the fine, penalty, or criminal record you may face after causing an accident or being found guilty of a crime.
In any of these situations, ensuring that your attorney handles your case with the utmost care, dedication, and precision is absolutely essential. With that in mind, it is important to remember that once you hire the attorney you wish to represent you, you have every right hold him or her to certain standards of performance.


What Should Your Attorney Do For You?

Your Attorney Should Be Confidential.
First and foremost, your lawyer is governed by strict confidentiality rules. Attorneys in central Missouri are prohibited from discussing their clients’ cases with any other parties, or even revealing who their clients are. Anything you say to your attorney will be held in the strictest confidence. These confidentiality rules are held in place so that you can be comfortable discussing the private details of your business or your marriage with your attorney so he/she can best represent your case.

Your Attorney Should Avoid Conflicts Of Interest.
In almost every state, attorneys are prohibited from representing two opposing parties. This does not mean that your attorney could not represent one of your competitors in a separate case altogether, but it does mean that (under most circumstances) your attorney will not be allowed to represent you and your opposition in the same case. In the few exceptions when this would be allowed, both parties must demonstrate that they understand and agree to the situation.
Your Attorney Should Defend Your Rights.
Whether you have suffered a workplace injury, are undergoing a divorce, or are fighting for custody of your child, knowing and defending your rights is crucial. Missouri law has several stipulations regarding citizens’ rights and responsibilities, and it can be nearly impossible to ensure that your rights are being fairly and justly defended without your attorney’s intimate understanding of these laws. Having an experienced attorney on your side can give you the advantage you need to protect your rights.


Your Attorney Should Provide You With Competent Representation.
By choosing an attorney to represent your case, you place a great deal of trust in that attorney to help you achieve a favorable outcome. In even the most minor of legal cases, involved parties typically have a lot at stake. As a result, attorneys are legally required to tell you if they do not have the necessary expertise to handle your case appropriately. 
Your Attorney Should Diligently Represent Your Case.
Once you have hired a Lake of the Ozarks attorney to represent your case, that attorney is legally obligated to diligently and continuously represent your case until it is closed. Your attorney should do everything in his or her power to represent your case – barring advising or assisting with any illegal activity, of course.
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