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Criminal Defense Attorney for Drug Charges

Police and prosecutors have aggressively pursued drug-related charges ever since the government declared a “war on drugs” in the 70s, which means that even insignificant drug charges are considered extremely serious and thus punished harshly.

The best way to beat a drug charge is by obtaining a defense attorney with knowledge of the complex related laws, such as those surrounding search and seizures. There is no substitute for the skills of an experienced drug crime attorney. At the law firm of Deputy & Mizell, L.L.C., our criminal defense lawyers represent clients throughout the Lake of the Ozarks region and it is always our goal to protect your rights.

Our team of experienced criminal defense attorneys know what steps to take in order to get you the best possible outcome — contact us today to begin building your defense strategy.


Why You Need a Competent Drug Crime Lawyer

Having our highly qualified criminal defense lawyers in Camdenton and Lebanon in your corner means you will have expert representation throughout your case. We will consider the facts of the case and work to get you the best possible outcome. Depending on the case, this might include:

  • Having charges dismissed if the evidence is insufficient
  • Building a strong defense
  • Plea bargain negotiations for a reduced sentence
  • Jury selection if the case goes to trial
  • Debunking the prosecutor’s case

Felony Drug Charge Penalties

A prior drug offender is one who has been found guilty of any felony offense relating to controlled substances. A persistent drug offender is one who has been found guilty of two or more felony offenses relating to controlled substances. Persistent drug offenders may be sentenced one felony class level higher.

The felony class will determine the amount of jail time and fines you will be sentenced to.

Class A: 10-30 years incarceration

Class B: 5-15 years incarceration, 10-30 years for persistent offenders

Class C: 3-10 years incarceration, 5-15 years for persistent offenders

Class D: up to 7 years incarceration

Class E: up to 4 years incarceration, up to 7 for persistent offenders

Missouri Drug Laws

Missouri is one of the few states with extremely strict drug possession laws that consider any amount in your possession to be a very serious charge. For example, if you’re caught with a speck of cocaine in your car, you are going to face the same charges as someone with a gram of cocaine in their car.

Possession of any controlled substance is considered a Class D felony under Missouri law. The one exception to that is marijuana — if you are in possession of 35 grams of marijuana or less you are charged with a misdemeanor. Delivery of a controlled substance and intent to distribute in Missouri are Class C felonies.

Marijuana Drug Possession Laws

Missouri has medical marijuana laws enacted; however, without a medical marijuana card you can still be charged with Marijuana Possession, under Missouri law, you can be charged with the following:

  • Up to 10 grams (first offense): Class D Misdemeanor, no incarceration, up to $500 fine
  • Up to 10 grams (second offense): Class A Misdemeanor, 1 year incarceration, up to $2,000 fine
  • More than 10-35 grams: Class A Misdemeanor, 1 year incarceration, up to $2,000 fine
  • More than 35-30 kilograms: (historically charged with intent to distribute) Felony, 7 years incarceration, up to $10,000 fine

Drug-Related Cases we Handle

From possession to trafficking, we take on a wide range of drug crime cases. Our defense attorneys are experts at handling state and federal drug cases including:

  • Possession of drugs and controlled substances
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Distribution and conspiracy to distribute
  • Drug sales
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug manufacturing and cultivation
  • Drug importation

Talk to a Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney for Drug Charges

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