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Becoming an attorney can be a long and difficult process, but in the end can be worth the effort!  The Law Office of Deputy & Mizell would like to give you some tips and ideas if you decide the journey to becoming a lawyer is something that interests you.  We will be featuring some ideas in a series of blogs on how to start your journey in law, some ideas for getting into Law School, and some tips for taking the LSAT.

So you want to become a Lawyer?

Here are some ideas to help you start on your way to becoming a law student:


Deputy & Mizell, Injury Attorneys near Lake of the Ozarks

Succeed in school from the beginning

  • Build great study habits early
  • Work on getting the best possible grades you can
  • Participate in as many school activities as possible to make yourself a well rounded student
  • Decide early if a career in Law is right for you
  • Get advice from counselor




  • Get involved with your high-school debate team or mock trial team
  • This will help you develop great skills that will help you in a career in law
  • Most lawyers do not spend a lot of time in court, but your public speaking skills will be valuable
  • Thinking critically is an important skill for a future lawyer
Deputy & Mizell, Injury Attorneys near Lake of the Ozarks


  • Find the right 4 year undergraduate program
  • Get into the best university that you can!
  • Find a school with a great pre-law program
  • Pick your degree carefully.  This can impact your acceptance into a top law school.
  • Study English, public speaking, government, history, philosophy, economics, and math


  • Find a Mentor
  • Choose a professor you admire and ask them to help mentor you
  • Choose a mentor that preferably has a law background
  • Ask for a good recommendation from your mentor


  • Finally, start your preparation for applying to Law School EARLY!
  • LSAT preparation
  • Resume
  • Letter’s of Recommendation


Becoming a lawyer is one of the most fulfilling things you can do with your life.  At Deputy & Mizell, our biggest satisfaction is helping people when they most often need experienced guidance.  If we can help you with any legal need or can answer further questions about a career in law, give a call or visit our website!

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