Injuries can happen in an instant, but their consequences can be severe, long-lasting and even deadly. Injuries are unfortunate no matter what the victim’s age, but they can be especially tragic when they are inflicted upon young children. Unfortunately, children are sometimes more prone to accidents and injuries than any other age group. Today, our personal injury attorneys in Lebanon MO are here to take a closer look at one particularly unique (and potentially devastating) form of accidents that can injure young children: furniture tip-over accidents.

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Understanding Furniture Tip-Over Accidents

When is the last time you carefully evaluated the furniture in your home for its safety? Once your furniture is purchased and assembled, you probably don’t give it a second thought. Unfortunately, furniture has been known to tip over and seriously injure the household residents in the process. Children are especially prone to these types of accidents, but adults and elderly individuals may also fall victim to tip-over accidents without warning.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission offers some eye-opening statistics on the dangers of furniture tip-over accidents and how they impact children:

  • 1 child dies every two weeks in a furniture tip-over accident.
  • 70% of tip-over injuries result from televisions and furniture falling on children, 26% from dressers and tables, and 4% from appliances.
  • 60% of tip-over fatalities result from the victims being crushed, and 18% result from the victim being trapped and/or unable to breathe.
  • 45% of tip-over accidents occur in bedrooms.
  • 3 to 5-year-olds make up the largest portion of furniture tip-over fatalities, at 29%. 1 to 2-year-olds make up the second largest portion, at 27%.
IKEA’s Furniture Tip-Over Disaster
Furniture tip-over accidents are typically caused in one of two ways: either the consumer failed to assemble or use the furniture correctly/safely, or the product did not meet industry safety standards. Despite everyone’s best intentions to create safe products, furniture tip-over accidents can (and do) happen. IKEA provides a particularly tragic (and recent) example.

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Recalled IKEA dressers. Photo source:


On June 28th, 2016, IKEA recalled 29 million dressers that did not meet the U.S. voluntary industry standard. After six children were killed and more than three dozen others were injured, the company faced a massive lawsuit that led to the issue of the recall. IKEA attempted to protect themselves by issuing the recall and promising a full refund or free wall-anchor kit to any consumer who chose to participate in the recall. It was wise of IKEA to issue the recall, but it is terribly unfortunate that such serious tragedies had to occur first.

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