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Oh no! You’ve just been pulled over for speeding and you received a speeding ticket. Don’t panic. There are multiple options you can take, but it is important that you know all your options. In this blog, our experienced attorneys at the Lake of the Ozarks will give you information on what the punishments can be when you get a ticket and what the possible outcomes can be if you hire an attorney to help with your Missouri speeding ticket.

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Possible Punishments in Response to Getting a Speeding Ticket in Missouri

When a police officer hands you a speeding ticket a few things can happen. You may simply sign the back of the ticket and mail in the fine and court costs. Just remember, by doing that you are pleading “guilty” to the Missouri speeding ticket. Once you have pleaded guilty, the state can assess 2-3 points to your permanent driving record. Points added to your license don’t necessarily mean you will lose your license but they can cause your insurance rates to increase by as much as 22% for a three-year period. If you have a Commercial Driver’s License, the consequences can be even worse. The points can cause you to be ineligible to drive for your job.


Possible Outcomes of Hiring an Attorney to Help with Your Speeding Ticket

None of these specific outcomes are guaranteed, but some common courses of action that are fought for by attorneys include:
• Dismissal of your case. Your case can be dismissed with no penalty, fine, or court costs due.
• Your ticket can be amended to a lesser charge, typically either a non-moving violation or defective equipment charge, which do NOT carry points.
• You can get a Suspended Imposition of Sentence (SIS). This involves you pleading guilty to the violation as charged and then receiving a probationary period. If you receive no further violations during the probationary period, your ticket is NOT posted to your official driving record. However, if you do get another ticket during the probationary period, you would then have 2 tickets to deal with.
• You may receive a reduced amount of points appearing on your Missouri Driving Record.

Deputy & Mizell, Injury Attorneys near Lake of the Ozarks

Legal Defense at the Lake of the Ozarks

You need an experienced lawyer at the Lake of the Ozarks and strong representation when your driver’s license and insurance rates are at risk. Whether you are a resident or you are just visiting the Lake of the Ozarks while on vacation, Deputy and Mizell is ready to help. We know the law and we have the ability to protect your rights. We provide proactive, aggressive representation to anyone facing a traffic violation in Missouri. We have been successful in previous cases challenging the validity of the initial traffic stop, the accuracy of field sobriety or blood alcohol concentration (BAC) tests and many other issues. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of receiving an expensive speeding ticket, call one of our offices today.


Deputy & Mizell, Injury Attorneys near Lake of the Ozarks

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