How To Prepare Yourself For The Social Security Disability Application Process

Social Security Disability – many rely on this to help them financially. Without it, many people who have disabilities and are unable to work would not be able to pay their bills, support their families, and make ends meet. That’s how important WINNING your social security disability case can be. If you have a disability that you think may qualify you for Social Security Disability, the best thing to do is to call an experienced Social Security Disability attorney in Camdenton and Lebanon, MO, and give yourself the BEST chance at getting your claim approved. Keep reading this week’s blog for a few tips on how to best prepare yourself for the Social Security Disability application process. Need help with this process? Call Deputy and Mizell today. You should call our Camdenton law office at 573-346-9990. Your first consultation is FREE.

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How To Prepare Yourself For The Social Security Disability Application Process

Understand that this process may take longer than you expect.
Know that once you apply, it typically takes 90 to 120 days for the Social Security Administration to review your claim and either approve or deny your application. It is important to remember that approximately only 30 percent of Social Security disability applications are approved at this stage. If you are approved, you will begin receiving disability benefits.

Realize that just because you are denied the first time, doesn’t mean you won’t eventually be approved.
If your initial claim is denied, you have 60 days to file a Request for Reconsideration in which the Social Security Administration will review your application again. This process takes approximately three to six months.

Keep in mind that your disability does NOT have to be physical.
To be considered disabled by the SSA, a person must have an impairment that meets the definition of disability. This can be either medical, psychological, or psychiatric in nature.

Understand that the Social Security Administration will likely have to review medical evidence before making their decision.
For a Social Security disability case, medical evidence takes many forms, including physician treatment notes, mental health records, bloodwork panels, and imaging results.

Know that there MAY be financial help available while you wait for your decision.
There are few sources of assistance for those seeking Social Security Disability benefits. Our Social Security Disability attorneys in Camden County can help point you in the right direction.

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We always tell our clients that the disability process is a marathon, not a sprint. Do not get discouraged– just understand that it may take a long time if you are initially denied. However, if and when you eventually win, you will receive past-due benefits that will make up for the months you waited to receive disability benefits. For more helpful information on how to apply for Social Security Disability, call Deputy and Mizell today. 


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