Factors That Can Help You Change Your Alimony Payments

Spousal support, otherwise known as alimony, is a court-ordered provision that sometimes becomes a factor in divorces. Basically, one spouse is required to pay the other spouse a specific amount of money regularly upon separation or divorce. It is pretty clear by now that COVID-19 has affected many people in a number of ways. Some have even lost their jobs. Losing your job can make it pretty difficult to afford alimony. Our family law attorneys at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to give you a few factors that can help you change or decrease your alimony payments in this week’s blog. Need some legal support on this? Call our divorce lawyers in Camdenton today. Deputy and Mizell can be reached at 573-346-9990. Initial consultations are free. Deputy and Mizell – Where We Put People Before Profits.

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Factors That Can Help You Change Your Alimony Payments

There are a few ways to decrease of fully cancel paying alimony altogether. Here are a few examples.

The Paying Spouse…

Receives a SIGNIFICATION Demotion at Work.
If you’re paying alimony and all of sudden you get demoted at work and your salary is seriously lowered, this may be ground for either lowering your alimony payments or completely canceling them altogether. Many companies across the country have had to make pretty drastic changes to make ends meet during COVID-19 and cutting salaries may have been one of them.

Loses Their Job.
If you were fired or laid off recently, this may also be ground for canceling or at least lowering your alimony payments. Some companies have unfortunately had to let people go during COVID-19, so if this is something you can relate to, we urge you to call a MO family law attorney as soon as possible, because there is a possibility you can at least get your alimony bill off your plate.

Gets Sick and That Sickness Prevents Them From Doing Their Job.
If you get sick and can no longer do your job and your salary is affected, you may be excused from paying alimony. It is worth asking your attorney about.

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The Spouse Getting Paid…

Gets Remarried.
If the spouse you have been making alimony payments to gets remarried, you most likely won’t have to make payments anymore. Typically, the court will rule that your ex is now being financially supported by their new spouse, so there is no longer a financial need for alimony.

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