The New Year marks the beginning of a brand new chapter. It holds countless new possibilities. Many people use the start of the New Year as a chance to be wonderfully optimistic about what the coming year holds, but unfortunately, the year ahead may hold challenging situations as well as uplifting ones.


Some challenging situations, like car accidents, are impossible to predict. Others, such as divorce, generally offer some forewarning. If you believe that a divorce may be on the horizon for 2017, our family attorneys in Lebanon MO encourage you to begin taking steps to prepare. Even if you do not end up getting divorced, it is always better to be prepared just in case.
Steps To Prepare For A Possible Divorce
1. Gather Your Financial Documents
During a divorce, you will need to have easy access to important financial documents. Bank statements, credit card statements, checking and savings account information, pay stubs, and tax returns are examples of the types of documents you will need to gather. Since it is impossible to predict how the dynamics will play out as your divorce gets underway, we recommend storing this box of documents somewhere other than your home. A trusted friend or family member’s house may be a better alternative.

2. Open A PO Box

For the same reason that we recommend not keeping your box of important financial documents at your home, you may want to consider setting up a post office box prior to filing for divorce. If your spouse makes it difficult or impossible for you to remain in the marital residence (or even if you do continue to live together during the divorce proceedings), you may want to have a place to direct your mail that your spouse will not be able to intercept.
3. Set Aside Money To Use For The Divorce
If you and your spouse share responsibility for your finances (or especially if your spouse controls your finances), you will want to set aside some funds to use during the divorce that your spouse cannot prevent you from accessing. Whether you need it to hire professional services or simply to cover your grocery bills for a few weeks, this emergency fund will likely prove invaluable.
4. Stay Actively Involved In Your Children’s Lives
If you have kids, one of your biggest concerns will likely be ensuring you get to remain in their lives as much as possible. When determining child custody, the court’s primary (and only) goal is to design a custody agreement that will protect the children’s best interests. If you have a track record of poor or absent parenting, you will likely have a very hard time getting custody. Depending on your history, even being granted visitation rights may become a challenging. Make it a point to spend as much quality time with your children as possible. Be sure to attend their sporting events, dance recitals, etc. Your children will love you for it, and you’ll get a better shot at being awarded custody if/when the time comes.
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We hope your New Year is filled with happiness, prosperity, and joy. If challenging and difficult situations should arise, however, please remember that you are not alone. Deputy & Mizell, LLC has the knowledge and experience you need to meet your legal challenges with success. Whether you face a divorce or any other legal issue, we hope you’ll consider our law firm in central Missouri for representation.


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