Common Reasons Your Social Security Disability Claim Can Get Turned Down

Yes, it’s true, not everyone gets approved for Social Security Disability, especially the first time. However, if you do get turned down, your first instinct should not be to give up. You should call a Social Security Disability attorney in Camdenton and Lebanon, MO, explain your situation and see what your options are. You should realize that only 30 percent of Social Security disability applications are approved at the first stage. So, it’s possibly more common than you might think, to get rejected, especially early on. That being said, our social security disability attorneys at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to give you a few common reasons your social security disability claim can get turned down. If your social security disability claim gets turned down, call Deputy and Mizell at 573-346-9990.

Common Reasons Your Social Security Disability Claim Can Get Turned Down

Your salary is too high.

You can only make up to a certain amount of money when applying for social security disability. If you make over that amount then the Social Security Administration could deny your claim. The best thing to do is to check with your attorney and see what the current amount is to ensure your not making more than that. Social Security Disability is meant to help those who are unable to work because of a disability. 

You don’t have any medical evidence.

You may have a disability but if you can’t prove it, your disability is going to get denied likely. The Social Security Administration needs to be able to see true proof, such as medical documents stating the details on your disability. 

You are not taking your medicine.

If you are trying to keep yourself disabled so you can keep getting your social security disability checks, your claim could be denied. The SSA could see that you are not cooperating with your treatment and deny your claim.

You weren’t prepared and you didn’t have ALL required documents.

You will need all sorts of documents when applying for social security disability, such as medical history, pay stubs, work history, a list of medicines, worker’s comp info. if applicable, and so much more. Having a Social Security Disability attorney on your side who can walk you through all the steps and make sure you are covered can really help.

If Your Social Security Disability Claim Gets Turned Down, Call Derek Brown!

Having a disability can make it difficult to work and even more challenging to maintain financial independence, we think we can all agree on that.  By utilizing America’s safety net, otherwise known as Social Security Disability, you may be able to receive monthly cash benefits during your time of need, but it can be in your best interest to call upon an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer in Central Missouri first. When applying for benefits, it is important to keep in mind that there are many cases in which claims are initially rejected. Do not give up though. Talk to a social security lawyer at Deputy & Mizell before and after submitting your claim and give yourself the help you deserve! We can be reached at 573-346-9990.


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