7 Key Robbery Prevention Tips for Your Business

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A robbery can happen at anytime, anywhere, whether it be at your home or your place of business. Robbery is taking something that doesn’t belong to you from a person or business and using force or threat of force to do it. If you find that your business has been robbed and you have trouble filing a claim with your insurance company, you may need to hire an experienced attorney at the Lake of the Ozarks to help you. Deputy and Mizell is here to focus on 7 key robbery prevention tips you can follow as a business owner.

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7 Key Robbery Prevention Tips for Your Business

1. Keep an eye out for suspicious activity in your business’s area.

There are certain things to watch for when scanning the area around your business, such as:

  • loiterers
  • cars parked across the street
  • cars parked off to one side of your parking lot


2. Make sure your business had good visibility and lighting.

It’s important to not only provide your employees with a safe working environment, but to also to keep your business protected. Make sure your business has as much visibility as possible. There needs to be visibility into your store from the street. Get rid of any dark areas and use motion sensors to insure lights come on at night. Replace your burned out bulbs in a quick manner. Pedestrians along with cruising patrol cars should have clear visibility into the store both during the day and at night.


3. Keep low amounts of cash on hand.

Large amounts of cash attract potential robbers. If you don’t already, keep a policy enforced at all times that defines the maximum amount of cash that can be in the business cash register.

Deputy & Mizell, Injury Attorneys near Lake of the Ozarks

4. Install security cameras.

The best way to go about this is to post signs that indicate that you have security cameras and do not use fake cameras.  Make sure your security cameras are working correctly and are placed where people can see them.


5. Make sure all employees and management are trained on what to do in the case of a robbery.

Your employees and managers need to know how to react in the event of a robbery. Train everyone on your emergency (robbery) procedures and follow up with them periodically to make sure everyone stays up to date on what to do.


6. Prepare bank deposits carefully.

It’s best to do this when there are no  customers or to let someone prepare the deposits in a back room. Here are some tips you can implement when making bank deposits:

  • vary the time of day you make your trips to the bank
  • make frequent bank deposits
  • avoid making deposits at night
  • don’t be obvious when traveling to the bank, try concealing the money in a paper lunch bag or a plastic sandwich container
  • don’t wear your uniform or anything tying you to your place of work when going to the bank
  • if you are traveling with a large sum of money, consider calling an armored car service


7. Consider working with your local police department.

Try to obtain planned and unplanned visits, whether it just be for a single cup of coffee or a bathroom break. The more frequently police officers are seen in your business the better. You should also:

  • Encourage your employees to become better acquainted with law enforcement officers. They should develop friendly relationships with the officers . These police officers put their lives on the line to protect businesses like yours, so cooperation is definitely needed.
  • Try playing a police radio broadcast at night to show you have a direct link to the police.
  • See if police will drive through your parking lot when they are in the area. This just allows for the police to give an extra look at your business.
  • Post a sign that states “Store Subject to Routine Police Patrols,” that’s of course if it’s true.


In Need of Legal Experience You Can Count On?

Being robbed is a very scary situation and no one should have to go through it alone. If your business has been robbed, you could have trouble filing a claim with your insurance company. If you or your business have been robbed, don’t wait, call Deputy & Mizell today. Our experienced lawyers at the Lake of the Ozarks know what they are doing. We aren’t afraid to fight for our client’s rights and we can be there for you in your time of need. Stop in for a free consultation.


Deputy & Mizell, Injury Attorneys near Lake of the Ozarks

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