7 Helpful Tips for Law Students

Our experienced law team at the Lake of the Ozarks understands how difficult it can be to go through law school. Our attorneys in mid-Missouri feel that is extremely important that future lawyers have all of the resources needed to be successful not only in law school but in life. In this blog, we will discuss 7 tips that can help law students be successful throughout law school.

1. Be sure to DO THE READING.

Don’t skip reading for you assignment. Do the reading for all of your assigned courses. Don’t fall behind, you will find it is very hard to catch up. Try to do your reading at times you feel most alert. Find a location to read where you won’t be distracted to do something else. Otherwise, you’ll find that it takes far too long to prepare for your classes.

2. Brief all cases.

Take notes while reading for your assignments.  Write down for EVERY assigned case:

  • the legally significant facts
  • the holding of the case
  • the rationale behind the court’s decision

This is called “briefing cases.” These are properly named because when briefing a case, they should be just that, brief.

3. Don’t miss class.

Do your best to not be absent for class. Professors can cover some material in class that is NOT discussed in the reading. Failure to attend class can put you at a HUGE disadvantage.

4. Pay attention, stay engaged.

Don’t waste class time to surf your social media pages or play on your phone. You are paying a substantial amount of money for these classes, does it really make sense to waste that time?

5. Don’t procrastinate.

Don’t put something off till tomorrow, that you can do today. Do not wait to the last minute to prepare for an exam or to complete an assignment. Do not expect to receive a good grade on a paper that you have thrown together at the last minute. Good legal writing takes time, so manage your time accordingly.

6. Review your exams.

Meet with your professors after you have received your grade to go over anything you may have missed or had been confused on. This is the best way to improve in the future.

7. Don’t get caught up in the competitive as aspects of law school.

No matter what, they’re can only be 1 student that finishes at the top of the class. Don’t focus on beating your classmates, focus on doing your absolute best. This will make for a much more pleasant law school experience for you and your fellow law students.

We have the 70+ years of combined legal experience, with our law offices in the Lake of the Ozarks, Camdenton, Lebanon, and Eldon. We hope that these tips help you as you go throughout your law school years. When a potential client is facing a complex issue, it is critical that they choose an attorney with the experience and capability to protect their interests. Law school will help shape what kind of lawyer you are going to be. Don’t take these years for granted and make the most of your time in law school.

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