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Fireworks are a favorite way to celebrate the summer holidays, but unfortunately, they do not come without some risk. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, U.S. emergency rooms treated approximately 10,500 people for fireworks-related injuries in 2014 alone. Don’t let your 4th of July celebrations end in a trip to the emergency room. Our personal injury attorneys in Mid-Missouri are here to help you keep your family safe with these no-nonsense fireworks safety tips.

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Fireworks Safety Reminders

1. Never Allow Children To Set Off Fireworks Unsupervised
Children are more likely to be injured by fireworks than anyone else. While fireworks are a favorite form of childhood entertainment, they are still explosions that must be treated with caution and respect. If your children will be shooting off fireworks this weekend, ensure that they are always supervised by a responsible adult.

2. Set Off Fireworks In Clear, Unobstructed Areas
Fireworks can be hard to predict. Keep everyone safe and reduce the risk of fire by only shooting off fireworks in open areas that are clear from any obstructions. Fences, trees, bushes, dry grass, and sheds could catch fire if they were to come into contact with a stray spark.

3. Keep Fireworks And Alcohol Separate
Too much alcohol consumption results in impaired judgement and slowed reaction time – neither of which mix well with fireworks displays. When they are set off by intoxicated individuals, fireworks frequently result in personal injury or property damage. For the safety of yourself, your guests, and your property, save your drinks for after the show.

Deputy & Mizell, Injury Attorneys near Lake of the Ozarks4. Ensure A Water Source Is Nearby
Fires can start in an instant; if a stray spark comes into contact with a combustible material, it can only take a second for a fire to start. Before beginning your fireworks display, ensure you have a garden hose within reach – or, at the very least, several buckets of water. If something catches fire, you need to be able to react quickly.

5. Secure Pets Indoors
Pets and fireworks displays are never a good combination. Because they do not understand the danger fireworks present, curious animals may wander too close to the fireworks and end up getting hurt. If they knock over the fireworks or otherwise tamper with the display, they could inadvertently put the humans in danger too. For everyone’s safety, pets should be secured indoors before beginning the display.

6. Do Not Tamper With Faulty Devices
Fireworks that do not go off immediately may result in the most serious injuries. If your firework does not go off as expected, do not pick up the device or stand over it to investigate it. Even though it has not gone off yet, it could still be active and go off while you are in close proximity. Simply douse the device in water to ensure that it is fully extinguished, and move on to the next one.

7. Be Extra Careful With Sparklers
Sparklers are predominantly viewed as “harmless” fireworks and a favorite among children, but it is imperative that they be treated with the utmost caution. When burning, sparklers can heat up to anywhere from 1,200° – 1,800° F. Do not let your children play with sparklers unless they are old enough to understand the potential danger.

Be Safe This Weekend!

On behalf of everyone at our personal injury law firm in Camdenton MO, we hope you and your family enjoy a safe and happy holiday weekend. By incorporating these suggestions into your home fireworks display, you should be able to greatly reduce the risk of injury to anyone in your family.

If you are injured due to the negligence of another at any point over the holiday, remember that our personal injury lawyers in Lebanon MO will be here to defend your rights. Your initial consultation with Deputy & Mizell, LLC is always free.

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