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The legal system was put in place to govern our society, to regulate our citizens, and to ensure that our cultures follow the guidelines necessary for safe, cooperative communities. For all its benefits, though, the legal system has still developed a few laws that seem a little unnecessary – or downright absurd! This week, the team at Deputy & Mizell, LLC is here to lighten the mood with some insight into odd and hilarious laws all over the world. Some of these might surprise you!

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  1. It is illegal to have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time. (Alabama)
  2. It is unlawful to dye a duckling blue and sell it – unless you are offering at least six for sale at once. (Kentucky)
  3. A pickle must bounce in order to be officially considered a pickle. (Connecticut)
  4. Alligators are not allowed to be kept in bathtubs. (Arkansas)
  5. It is illegal to whistle while underwater. (West Virginia)
  6. Gargling in public places is considered a crime. (Louisiana)
  7. Coins are not allowed to be placed in your ears. (Hawaii)
  8. You may not go fishing while riding on the back of a camel. (Idaho)
  9. It is against the law to view moose from an airplane. (Alaska)
  10. You can be charged a $25.00 fine for flirting. (New York)
  11. It is unlawful to sleep on top of a refrigerator outside. (Pennsylvania)
  12. Singing off-key is considered illegal. (North Carolina)
  13. All signs are required to be written in English. (Georgia)
  14. It is illegal to take a bath between the months of October and March. (Indiana)
  15. If someone asks for a glass of water, denying them could be a crime. (Arizona)

    Deputy & Mizell, Injury Attorneys near Lake of the Ozarks


  16. It is illegal for thistles to grow in your yard. (Maryland)
  17. Parking fees that for vehicles also apply to elephants left tied to a parking meter. (Florida)
  18. Women may not drive while wearing house coats. (California)
  19. If you are in a covered wagon, you are allowed to shoot an Indian on horseback. (North Carolina)
  20. Car dealers are prohibited from showing cars on Sundays. (Colorado)
  21. It is illegal to catch a fish with your bare hands. (Kansas)
  22. You may not cross a state line while carrying a duck on your head. (Minnesota)
  23. If you are not carrying sufficient water and supplies, you are not allowed to fly over any body of water. (Delaware)
  24. It is illegal for a man with a mustache to kiss a woman in public. (Iowa)
  25. Getting a fish drunk is against the law. (Ohio)
  26. If a man is single while between the ages of 21 and 50, he must pay an annual tax of $1.00. (Missouri)
  27. It is illegal to use canned corn as fishing bait. (Oregon)
  28. In order to wear false teeth, women must first obtain written permission from their husbands. (Vermont)
  29. You must be at least 18 in order to play a pinball machine. (South Carolina)
  30. It is considered a felony for a wife to open her husband’s mail. (Montana)
  31. Taking a bite out of someone else’s hamburger will not be tolerated. (Oklahoma)
  32. You must have a permit to photograph rabbits between January and April. (Wyoming)
  33. State officials mandated that 400 words of “sexually explicit material” be cut from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. (New Mexico)
  34. Kissing on a train is illegal. (Wisconsin)
  35. Gorillas are not allowed to ride in the backseat of any vehicle. (Massachusetts)
  36. It is legal to drink while under the age of 21, but only if you are enrolled in a culinary program. (Illinois)
  37. If you disrupt a church service, any private citizen can arrest you. (Mississippi)

    Deputy & Mizell, Injury Attorneys near Lake of the Ozarks


  38. People are prohibited from picking seaweed up off the beach. (New Hampshire)
  39. Throwing pickle juice on a trolley is considered unlawful. (Rhode Island)
  40. If you still have Christmas decorations up after January 14th, you may be fined. (Maine)
  41. Shooting buffalo from the second story of a hotel is illegal. (Texas)
  42. Bar owners are prohibited from selling beer unless they are brewing a kettle of soup at the same time. (Nebraska)
  43. Sharing your Netflix password is a crime. (Tennessee)
  44. Not drinking milk is considered a crime. (Utah)
  45. Women are not allowed to get their hair cut without their husbands’ permission. (Michigan)
  46. Driving a camel on the highway is considered illegal. (Nevada)
  47. During fishing season, it is illegal for men to knit. (New Jersey)
  48. It is illegal to lie down and fall asleep inside a cheese factory. (South Dakota)
  49. Citizens are technically required to honk their horns while passing other vehicles. (Virginia)
  50. Pretending that your parents are rich is considered illegal. (Washington)


There you have it! Tread carefully out there… You never know when you may accidentally break one of these weird laws! If you find yourself in need of legal representation at the Lake of the Ozarks, remember that our Camden County law firm is only a phone call away.

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