No matter what legal challenge you may be facing, hiring an attorney is almost always a wise choice. Your attorney will be your representative, your guide, and your advocate during your time of need. Your attorney will also be the one to help you through some of your most trying situations – the one who can help defend your rights and navigate challenging legal situations ahead of you. Your attorney in central Missouri will be happy to help you during this time of need, but there are some things that your attorney won’t tell you. The team at Deputy & Mizell LLC is here to shed some light on the things most lawyers won’t disclose.

1. Your Lawyer Is Not Your Mental Health Counselor

Lawyers are sometimes called counselors, but they are legal counselors. Your attorney is there to give you sound legal advice and help you with your case in every way possible. However, this does not mean that you should come to your attorney every time you need a shoulder to cry on. Your lawyer is well-equipped to handle the legal aspects of your case, but he is not trained in providing emotional comfort to those in need. Your lawyer will probably be able to help by referring you to a good therapist who can provide you with the emotional support you need to get through this difficult time. 

2. They Don’t Need You To Call Them Every Day

You probably have a lot at stake (or you wouldn’t have retained an attorney) but that doesn’t mean you should call, text, and email your attorney every hour asking for the latest update on your case. A good attorney will keep you in the loop whenever pertinent updates occur, which means you don’t need to call them to find out if something has happened. By resisting the urge to call them frequently, you will give them the space and the time they need to do their job successfully.

3. You Aren’t Their Only Client

Just as your legal case is taking top priority in your life right now, someone else’s legal case is taking top priority in theirs. Attorneys often handle multiple cases at one time, which means they must divide their attention and their efforts between several different cases. A skilled attorney will be able to do this without affecting the quality of their service, but you should be respectful of the fact that there are others making the same demands for time and attention on your attorney as you are. If you remain patient, you will be able to work with your attorney so that he can provide optimum service to everyone.

4. You Have To Be Forthright And Honest

We all want to color our version of any given situation in order to present ourselves in the best light – it’s human nature. However, when you are consulting with your attorney in Lebanon, MO, it is critical that you provide all of the facts about your case without embellishing or omitting anything. Your attorney’s job is to represent your case in the best possible light, but he can’t do that without knowing all of the facts.
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