No newlywed couple thinks they will get divorced, but the fact remains that the divorce rate in the U.S. continues to hover around 50%. Couples choose to get divorced for any number of different reasons – financial stressors, lifestyle disparities, personality conflicts, differing value systems, etc – but every divorce comes with a similar set of challenges.

In the years that we have practiced as divorce attorneys in mid-Missouri, we have learned a great deal about how the process typically proceeds and which factors tend to present the biggest issues. This week, the team at Deputy & Mizell, LLC is here to help you make a careful, educated decision regarding your divorce in Lebanon, MO.

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Factors To Consider When Facing Divorce:

1. Your Financial Situation

Who is responsible for handling the finances in your marriage? Some couples divide this responsibility evenly, whereas others designate it to one spouse almost entirely. If you are not engaged in the finances in your marriage, we recommend making it a point to become more involved before broaching the topic of divorce.

Ask your spouse to fill you in on your financial situation and include you in any upcoming decisions or tasks. If your name is not on your financial accounts or assets, it may be in your best interest to ensure that your are named as a joint owner of these assets before beginning your divorce.

2. Your Parenting Situation

Deputy & Mizell, Injury Attorneys near Lake of the OzarksChildren are, not surprisingly, a major factor to consider when approaching a divorce. It’s time to take a critical look at your and your spouse’s parenting styles and your relationships with your children. When determining who will get custody of the child in a divorce, the courts will evaluate which parent(s) will be able to provide for the child’s best interests.

If you hope to gain custody of your children, being incredibly involved in and supportive of their activities is especially critical. Make time to attend your daughter’s dance recital or your son’s little league baseball game. If you are barely involved in your child’s life and activities, the court will be less likely to deem you as able to provide for the child’s best interests.

3. Your Income Situation

We have already discussed evaluating your financial accounts and assets, but it’s important to address where the money is coming from as well. If you are a stay-at-home parent, for example, you will probably be required to get a job in order to support yourself after the divorce. Are you ready, willing, and able to take on that type of responsibility?

Before filing for divorce at the Lake of the Ozarks, take a careful look at your and your spouse’s source(s) of income. Who is the primary bread-winner? What other employment options might be available to you? While you may be awarded alimony, it may not be enough to support your current lifestyle. You’ll want to be sure that you will be able to support yourself once you are on your own.

Our Divorce Attorneys Are Here For You

If you are facing a divorce, we encourage you to contact one of the divorce attorneys at Deputy & Mizell, LLC. We will be able to help you honestly and objectively evaluate your situation to determine how best to proceed, and we promise to be there for you along every step of the journey. Divorce is never a pleasant experience, but we aim to make the process as pain-free and stress-free as possible for both you and your spouse.

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