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Why Social Security Disability Claims Can Be Denied

Have you ever struggled to get a Social Security Disability claim approved? Perhaps you are suffering from depression and it keeps you from getting your office work done as quickly or maybe you are a massage therapist and you struggle with arthritis. These are both prime examples of Social Security Disability cases. If you are unable to do your job because of an unfortunate disease, illness, or physical impairment, you may qualify for Social Security Disability. It is important to remember that approximately only 30 percent of Social Security disability applications are approved after the first initial application is submitted. Our Social Security Disability lawyers at the Lake of the Ozarks want you to be prepared in the case your first application is denied. Keep reading for reasons why this can happen. If you need assistance getting your Social Security Disability claim approved, don’t give up and call Deputy and Mizell at 573-346-9990.

Why Social Security Disability Claims Can Be Denied

You Aren’t Sending In Your Medical Evidence

Plain and simple, you must send in your medical records to be considered for Social Security Disability benefits. If you refuse to send those in, then you are likely to be denied.

You May Already Earn Too Much Income

When getting Social Security Disability benefits, you typically are required not to work over a certain amount of hours, if you are in a situation where you can keep a part-time job. If you work over the allotted hours limit you are considered to be engaging in “substantial gainful activity” (SGA).  In 2018, the limit for earned income from working for nonblind people receiving SSD benefits is $1180 a month.

You Have a Temporary Medical Condition

Temporary medical conditions can be denied for Social Security Disability. For example, if you had a:

…these could be considered temporary conditions and your SSD claim may be denied.

You Aren’t Taking Your Prescribed Medicine of Following Your Treatment Plan

A healthcare professional can’t actually determine if your condition keeps you from working if you don’t follow your treatment plan. For this reason, you could be denied.

You Are Disabled Because of Alcoholism or Drug Addiction

Alcoholism or Drug Addiction can be stopped. In the case that someone no longer did drugs or abused alcohol, they could be able to do their jobs ok. This is what the Social Security Administration has to consider when judging a claim like this.

Have You Been Denied for Social Security Disability Recently?

We always tell our clients that the disability process is a marathon, not a sprint. Do not get discouraged – just understand that it may take a long time if you are initially denied. However, if and when you eventually win, you will receive past-due benefits that will make up for the months you waited to receive disability benefits. We regularly represent claimants throughout Kansas City and St. Louis. This includes serving disabled individuals in Jefferson City, Columbia, Rolla, Lebanon, Camdenton, and throughout Missouri. For your free consultation, call our Social Security Disability lawyers in Camdenton at 573-346-9990 today.


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