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Criminal accusations are nothing to be trifled with. Defending yourself in the face of criminal accusations is scary, overwhelming, and – thanks to the intricacy of Missouri’s criminal defense system – often extremely daunting. Our criminal defense attorneys in Lebanon MO are help to help alleviate some of the stress.

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We believe that in order to overcome a challenge, you must first understand that challenge wholly and completely. Criminal defense professionals have a specific vernacular unique to our industry, and it can be confusing if you are in the midst of your first brush with the law. We’re here to help bridge the communication gap. Keep reading to learn the definitions to common terms used in the criminal defense field.

An official request for a case to be heard by a higher level (or “appellate” court) in the hopes that the appellate court’s decision will be different than that of the lower court.

The person who has been charged with the crime.

Final Judgment
The court’s official verdict regarding the case and the defendant’s status as innocent or guilty.

The person pursuing charges (in criminal cases, this person is usually the victim).

Deputy & Mizell, Injury Attorneys near Lake of the Ozarks

A document, photograph, or object that is officially submitted as evidence.

The circumstances surrounding which the case is brought to the court.

A statement made by an attorney to object to the legality or validity of a statement made in court.

The process wherein a prisoner is released from custody. This may be for a specific amount of time (for an unusual circumstance) or it may be offered as an option to fulfill the rest of a sentence (in exchange for good behavior).

Plea Bargain
The process wherein a prisoner negotiates to plead guilty in exchange for the prosecutor dropping the serious charge for one with a lighter sentence.

An initial proceeding designed to identify the facts of the case and the law relating to the crime in question. It is possible for the defendant to plead guilty at this point. If he chooses not to, the proceedings will progress to the actual trial.

A piece of evidence or a statement that refutes the opponent’s evidence or statement.

An official court order requiring that someone appear in court. This is typically used to order the defendant to appear in court for his hearing, but can sometimes be used to call witnesses to court as well.

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Criminal accusations are serious matters. A criminal conviction will stay with you forever and impact your life in more ways than you may realize. If you are facing criminal charges, we urge you to contact one of our Missouri criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible to discuss your options. Know your rights – you are not required to speak with the police until you have had the opportunity to consult with a qualified defense attorney. 

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