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With the current divorce rate at or above 50%, divorce is an incredibly common event in today’s world. Almost everyone is in close contact with at least one person who has gone through a divorce. Nevertheless, many people still hold some surprising misconceptions about getting a divorce in Missouri. Today, the team at Deputy & Mizell, LLC is here to dispel some of these common myths about divorce.

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Myth #1: Having A Child Together Decreases A Couple’s Chances Of Divorce
Many couples believe that having a child together will reinforce a familial connection and strengthen their marital relationship, but studies have shown otherwise. Due to the significant increase in responsibilities and the lack of proper rest, the months immediately following the birth of the first child are often the most stressful. If the couple is unstable before the child is born, having a child will probably not help matters.

Myth #2: Mothers Almost Always Get Custody In A Divorce
Most people assume that mothers should (and do) automatically get full custody of their children in a divorce, but this is not the case. In reality, courts carefully observe and examine each parent’s traits and actions in order to determine who will be able to provide for the child’s best interests. When you hire a mid-Missouri divorce attorney to represent you, he/she will be able to coach you on how to best increase your chances of gaining custody.

Myth #3: If You Are Very Unhappy At Some Point In Your Marriage, You Will Probably End Up Getting Divorced
Some couples make view great unhappiness as a sign that they will definitely wind up getting a divorce. In reality, however, every marriage has its ups and downs and periods of unhappiness are a fact of life for everyone. While you certainly should not stay in an unhealthy marriage, do not automatically assume that a period of unhappiness means the relationship is doomed.

Deputy & Mizell, Injury Attorneys near Lake of the OzarksMyth #4: Divorces Have To Be Difficult
Everyone thinks of divorce as an incredibly stressful procedure. The fact of the matter is, though, that getting a divorce is only as stressful as the spouses decide to make it. If both parties aim to be peaceful and cooperative, the divorce proceedings can go smoothly.

Myth #5: If Someone Commits Adultery, They Give Up Their Right To All Assets In A Divorce
Many people assume that by committing adultery, the spouse has officially turned his/her back on the marriage and, consequently, given up their right to equal share of the assets in the event of a divorce. When handling divorces today, though, most courts focus more on the assets to be divided and less on the conduct of each individual party (except when child custody is involved). Consequently, there may not be anything to gain from proving your ex’s adulterous actions and trying to use them to your advantage in a divorce.

Myth #6: You Can Deny Visitation Rights To Parents Who Do Not Pay Child Support
While it may seem logical to lose your visitation rights if you do not pay child support, most courts view child visitation and child support as separate entities. Child support is designed to offset the financial responsibilities of the custodial parent.; it does not mean that the non-custodial parent is “paying to see his/her children.” If you want to revoke visitation rights from your ex-spouse, you must go to court.

Myth #7: Both Spouses Must Agree To A Divorce In Order For It To Take Place
Some people believe that one spouse can deny the other spouse a divorce, but in reality, no one has to stay married if they don’t want to. With the new no-fault divorce policies, any spouse can demand a divorce for any reason; no official “grounds for divorce” are required. If one spouse does not want a divorce, he/she can make the process quite difficult, but ultimately they will not be able to stop the proceedings.

Facing A Divorce? The Attorneys at Deputy & Mizell Are Here To Help
Even when both parties cooperate, divorces are often intensely emotional and can be difficult to navigate. If you’re facing a divorce in mid-Missouri, having an objective Lake of the Ozarks divorce attorney on your side can make a world of difference. Don’t face these challenges alone – contact one of our attorneys today. 

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