5 Mistakes Parents Can Make During Child Custody Cases

Fighting for custody of your child can be a trying time. Emotions often run high and you just want what’s best for your child. It’s important you seek the guidance of a lawyer at the Lake of the Ozarks who’s been through this type of situation before. You don’t want to make a mistake that can cost you custody of your child. Keep reading for 5 mistake parents can make during a child custody case.

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5 Mistakes Parents Make During a Child Custody Case

Mistake # 1
Letting your emotions get the best of you during the case
One of the biggest mistakes you can make in a child custody case is to let your emotions dictate your decisions. It can be really easy to do this when you have several family members pressuring you to get more time with your child. Don’t lose control of your emotions and let them guide your decisions. That can turn an easy flowing child custody case into a dramatic scene quickly. Don’t be afraid to lean on your lawyer for moral support.

Mistake # 2
Being irresponsible with your social media engagement
Too often parents will go to social media with their anger during a child custody case. This is not good. When you post on social media, it typically becomes public information that can be used against you in a child custody case. The court rules in the best interest of the child. If they see on social media, that you are acting “irresponsibly” during the case, this can hurt your chances.

Mistake # 3
Disobeying the temporary court orders
The court will sometimes put temporary orders in place during a child custody case. For example, if the court ordered for you to have your child home to the other parent by a certain time, make sure you do that. If you have a constant disregard for the rules put in place by the court, this can negatively affect your case.

Mistake # 4
Unfairly influencing your child
The court does not look highly on parents who unfairly influence their child during a child custody case. If the child is old enough, the court may ask them questions about their living environment. If a parent is filling their child’s mind with false statements about the other parent, hoping to better their chances at getting full custody, they are making a huge mistake. This can be seen as going against the court’s process and potentially harm your case.

Mistake # 5
Cohabitating with a new significant other
Child custody cases are all about what’s in the best interest of the child. Sometimes, parents who have divorced will already be living with someone else. Even if this new significant other is someone who is very familiar with the child, this may not look good to the court. The court could be looking for a consistent environment for the child and living with a new significant other can interfere with that.

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