Buying a new car is a big decision. Since buyers often invest several thousand dollars into these purchases, they want to be certain that their new vehicles will last them for years to come. Unfortunately, not all new cars are created equal; it is not entirely uncommon for new vehicles to require several expensive repairs – or to fail to function altogether.

What happens to you if you have purchased a defective vehicle? Is there a way you can be compensated for your purchase? The team at Deputy & Mizell, LLC may be able to help you.

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Missouri’s Lemon Law

Missouri, along with most other states, has laws in place to protect new car owners who find themselves in this type of situation. Lemon Laws exist to protect individuals who have purchased faulty vehicles (or “lemons”). You must meet certain criteria in order to qualify for a lemon law lawsuit, but if these conditions are met, you may be able to be compensated in one of two ways:
  • You may be offered a replacement vehicle by the manufacturer.
  • You may be refunded your original purchase.
Basic Qualifications For Missouri’s Lemon Law
Missouri’s lemon law does not apply to all vehicle purchases. In order to be eligible, the vehicle must be primarily used for “family or household purposes.” Under this provision, Missouri’s lemon law excludes the following vehicle types:
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  • Off-Road Vehicles
  • Motorcycles
  • Mopeds
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • The Living Areas Of RVs or Recreational Vehicles
Keep in mind that only the living areas of RVs or recreational vehicles are excluded from Missouri’s lemon law; the engine, powertrain, chassis, or other component parts may qualify.
Please be aware, also, that Missouri’s lemon law only applies to new vehicles. If you are purchasing a pre-owned vehicle, you may not be eligible for protection under our state’s lemon law.
Missouri’s Lemon Law – Further Qualifications
In addition to the basic type or purpose of the vehicle, Missouri’s lemon law requires new vehicles to meet certain maintenance needs before it may qualify. In order to be considered eligible for lemon law coverage, your vehicle must:
  • have had a minimum of 4 separate repair attempts, OR
  • have been out of service for a minimum of 30 days

Lemon law works in close conjunction with warranty laws, so it’s worth noting that the original manufacturer’s warranty must still be in effect in order to be eligible for lemon law protection.

Quick tip: if you wish to qualify for financial compensation, it is important that you keep careful documentation of the repair/service attempts made on your vehicle. If you do not have these records already on hand, contact your dealership or manufacturer to obtain copies of these documents.
Think Your New Vehicle May Qualify For Missouri’s Lemon Laws?

If you think you may be eligible to receive compensation under Missouri’s lemon laws, contact one of our experienced Missouri lemon law attorneys. The team at our law firm in Lebanon, Camdenton, and Tuscumbia would be happy to represent you and guide you through the process. Contact Deputy & Mizell LLC for more information!

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