What Does Social Security Disability Really Cover?

Many have likely heard of Social Security Disability before, but that doesn’t mean everyone truly understands what it is and what it actually covers. Our Social Security Disability attorneys at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to explain in detail what Social Security Disability is and what it covers, financially speaking, in this week’s blog. If you have any questions about Social Security Disability, please call our Lake of the Ozarks attorneys today. We can be reached at 573-346-9990 for a consultation. Your first one is free!

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What Does Social Security Disability Really Cover Financially?

Here is a great example of what Social Security Disability can cover, financially speaking:

In 2017, the average Social Security disability benefit (SSDI) was $1,171.00 per month. The maximum disability benefit a beneficiary can receive is $2,687. The amount you receive in disability benefits is based on how much you paid in Social Security taxes.

If you have a favorable decision in your Supplemental Security Income case, your maximum benefit is approximately $735.00 per month. However, the Social Security Administration will likely deduct a certain percentage of your benefits if you are living in another person’s household or have assets of value.

Clearly, this is just an example, but this should give you a good idea of the financial benefits that can come for Social Security Disability.

Who Gets Social Security Disability?

We can’t stress enough, Social Security Disability is NOT for everyone. It is meant to help those who are disabled and can’t work full-time OR can only work part-time, get by financially. To be considered disabled by the SSA, a person MUST have an impairment that meets the definition of disability. This can be either medical, psychological, or psychiatric in nature.

A few medical examples may include a broken leg, broken arm, paralyzed from the waist down, arthritis in your hands, the example can go on and on. The point here is that your disability may be PHYSICAL.

Your disability can also be MENTAL. For example, depression, schizophrenia, dementia, Alzheimer’s, or PTSD can all be good examples of mental disabilities that may keep you from doing your job.

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Do You Feel That You Have A Disability That May Qualify You For Social Security Disability Benefits?

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