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Restraining Order (Order of Protection) FAQ’s

restraining order order protection faqs

restraining order order protection faqs

You never know what may happen in life, people are unpredictable and you have the right to protect yourself and feel safe. Have you ever been stalked by someone or just constantly bothered by a complete stranger? You should not have to deal with that sort of thing and you DON’T have to. Deputy & Mizell understands that and wants to help. There are certain legal steps you can take and our experienced lawyers at the Lake of the Ozarks are here to tell you about one legal step, in particular, that may help with these sort of situations. Here is some detailed information about restraining orders (orders of protection) and how they can help you if you find yourself in a situation that involves someone harming, threatening, or intimidating you or your minor child.

 Restraining Order (Order of Protection) FAQ’s

What is an order of protection?

An order of protection , otherwise known as a restraining order, is a court form signed by a judge that orders a person to stop harming, threatening, or intimidating you or your minor child.


What types of conduct can order of protection stop an abuse from doing?

An order of protection can stop someone from:

  1. causing physical harm
  2. threatening to cause physical harm
  3. forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do
  4. engaging in harassment that causes someone significant emotional distress on more than one occasion
  5. confining or holding someone against their will
  6. repeatedly stalking someone or causing them to be afraid, intimidating or emotionally distressed, and sexually assaulting someone

It can also stop an abuser from physically, sexually, or emotionally abusing a child.


Who can file a Petition to receive an order of protection?

You must be at least 17 years or old or be emancipated in order to file a petition for an order of protection.


What will happen if I file my Petition?

The clerk can give your Petition to a judge and the judge may sign an Ex Parte (temporary) Order if the judge finds there is an immediate danger of abuse against you.  The clerk will have a law enforcement officer give your abuser copies of the Ex Parte Order and the Petition you filed, if the judge enters an Ex Parte Order. Regardless if an Ex Parte is issued, the judge can have a hearing within 15 days to decide whether a full order of protection should be issued. From there:

How soon can I get a temporary or Ex Parte order?

Your petition can be presented to a judge immediately after filing, your Ex Parte would typically be entered the same that the Petition is filed.


What are some things I can do to prepare for the hearing?

Here are few things you can do to prepare for your hearing:

Just keep in mind, the most important part of your entire case will be your ability to communicate that you feel fear toward toward the person you are seeking a restraining order against. Show how you feel threatened by your abuser.


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