Legal Representation in Medical Malpractice Claims at the Lake of the Ozarks

Our medical malpractice lawyers at the Lake of the Ozarks help those who have endured a significant health issue that was caused by the negligence of a health care professional. No one deserves to go through this type of unfortunate situation. If you or someone you know has, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice claim. In a medical malpractice claim, you may be owed compensation for your medical issue. Here are the caps on the non-economic damages that may be recovered in a medical malpractice claim.


According to the Missouri Department of Insurance, you may only receive up to a certain amount of money in non-economic damages in a medical malpractice claim. When we refer to “non-economic damages,” we are referring to damages caused by pain and suffering. There are 2 different types of injuries when it comes to medical malpractice claims, “catastrophic” and “non catastrophic”. Section 538.205 RSMo. defines a catastrophic injury as an injury resulting in quadriplegia, paraplegia, the loss of two or more limbs, significant and permanent cognitive impairment, irreversible failure of a major organ, or significant loss of vision.

Year       Cap for Non-Catastrophic Injuries        Cap for Catastrophic Injuries

2017      $413,716                                                       $724,002
2018      $420,749                                                     $736,310
2019      $427,901                                                     $748,828
2020     $435,176                                                      $761,558
2021      $442,574                                                     $774,504
2022     $450,098                                                     $787,671
2023      $457,749                                                     $801,061
2024      $465,531                                                     $814,679
2025      $473,445                                                     $828,529
2026      $481,494                                                     $842,614
2027      $489,679                                                     $856,938
2028      $498,003                                                    $871,506
2029      $506,470                                                     $886,322
2030      $515,080                                                     $901,389
2031      $523,836                                                      $916,713
2032     $532,741                                                       $932,297
2033     $541,798                                                       $948,146
2034     $551,008                                                      $964,264
2035     $560,375                                                       $980,657
2036    $569,902                                                       $997,328
2037    $579,590                                                       $1,014,283
2038    $589,443                                                      $1,031,525
2039    $599,464                                                      $1,049,061
2040    $609,655                                                      $1,066,895
2041     $620,019                                                      $1,085,033
2042    $630,559                                                       $1,103,478
2043    $641,278                                                        $1,122,237
2044    $652,180                                                        $1,141,315
2045    $663,267                                                        $1,160,718
2046   $674,543                                                         $1,180,450
2047   $686,010                                                         $1,200,926
2048   $697,672                                                         $1,220,926
2049   $709,533                                                         $1,241,682
2050   $721,595                                                          $1,262,791

While non-economic damages are capped in the state of Missouri, economic damages are not. Economic damages can include things such as medical costs or loss of income while injured. For example, if you were unable to work due to a medication error and you lost a considerable amount of income, you may be able to get that money recovered with the help of a Camden County medical malpractice lawyer. If you are suffering due to a surgical error, misdiagnosis, or any other act of medical malpractice, you shouldn’t go through it alone. We are here to help. We have the experience and capability to guide you through this.

Seeking Legal Representation for a Medical Malpractice Claim at the Lake of the Ozarks?

Medical malpractice cases can be extremely complex, and it is critical that you have strong legal representation from an experienced medical malpractice attorney in Missouri. Our medical malpractice attorneys at the Lake of the Ozarks have successfully helped clients to resolve a wide variety of claims involving physician mistakes and other acts of medical negligence. We have represented clients in medical malpractice claims against some of the most prominent names in the Missouri health care industry. We have successfully pursued claims against doctors, nurses, surgeons, chiropractors, dentists, pharmacists and others on behalf of our clients. Nobody is above the law when the health and safety of innocent people are at stake. We have no fear about taking on major health care organizations when their actions cause serious injuries.

Our firm has experience handling all types of medical malpractice claims, including the following:

• Surgical errors
• Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis
• Childbirth injuries, including cerebral palsy and Erb’s palsy
• Prescription medication errors
• Anesthesia errors
• Failure to diagnose a serious medical condition

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