Why Should I Have a Lawyer Look at My Will?

Your will may be one of the most important documents you have drafted in your life. This document allows for your possessions to go to who you want to them to go to when you pass away. Your will can state who will care for your children when you can’t. A document this important could only benefit by having a professional who drafts these for a living look at it. Our lawyers at the Lake of the Ozarks have the experience and skills to make sure everything you need is covered in your will. If you feel uneasy about your current will and would like to have an experienced attorney look it over, call Deputy & Mizell at 417-532-2191 today.

4 Reasons to Have a Lawyer Look at Your Will

To ensure your guardian is stated in your will

Your kids are everything. Don’t overlook the vital addition of adding a guardian to your will. The guardian is who you choose to care for your children if you pass away before they are of age.

To avoid listing things you can’t leave in a will

There are people who may not realize you can’t actually leave some things in your will, such as:

  • You can’t leave property or money to a pet
  • You can’t leave funds from a pension or other retirement account to someone in your will. These funds must be left to whoever the beneficiary is you listed on the account upon opening it.
  • You can’t leave life insurance money to someone in your will. This money must be left to the beneficiary you listed when opening your life insurance policy.

To make sure the Missouri requirements for making a will are met

In the state of Missouri, you must have 2 witnesses present when signing your will and your witnesses must sign your will as well.

To show you how to name someone to manage your property until your children are of age

If you pass away before you children are of age, you need to have someone you can trust watch over your property until the right time. An experienced attorney can walk you through how to state that in your last will and testament correctly.

Ensure Your Will Meets All Your Needs with Deputy and Mizell

No harm can come from setting up a free consultation at our law office at the Lake of the Ozarks to discuss your will. We urge you to get this important document looked over by a professional while you still can. We think it’s worth it to prevent your priceless possessions going to someone you didn’t prefer they went to. Just having a second pair of eye look this document over can save you from making a costly mistake. To set up a free consultation, call one of our offices listed below.

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